About Premier

It’s quite simple. We are tired of the way the real estate industry in Slovenia operates. It fails to offer creative and innovative solutions. It fails to embrace change and modernization. It fails to meet the needs of the public. So in essence, we decided to right the wrong and launch Premier! 

What makes Premier different?

Longer working hours

We all have busy schedules; work, family, chores and many other responsibilities. Between all of this, we must find the time of day to view or show properties. So wouldn’t it be nice if an estate agent actually worked when it suited you? This is why we at Premier are available to answer any of your queries or go on viewings from 9am to 8pm,  Monday to Friday and 11am to 5pm on Saturdays.

User-friendly and helpful website

It makes sense that the first place to start searching for your dream property would be on the internet. So why is it that so many websites are so poor and unhelpful? We have gone out of our way to design and develop a website that provides valuable information on each property so you are better equipped to choose which properties you wish to view as stress free as possible. Each of our property features high-resolution photos, video tour, floor plan, energy efficiency rating, local area information and location.

Mobile App

In addition to our super friendly mobile-friendly website, we have created a property search app available. After all, we live in a mobile world!

Photography & Video

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and we agree 100%. We believe that high-resolution quality photographs go a long way to helping you form your first impression of a property. They can save you time by eliminating unnecessary viewings and from an owner’s perspective, portray the property in all its glory.

In addition, to help bring those photos to life and create a dynamic perspective all our listings are accompanied by a high-resolution video. 

One-stop solution

The process of selling, buying, renting or leasing real estate has several aspects, all of which must fit in a seamless and efficient manner in order to make the process stress free, efficient and timely. This is why we offer a comprehensive service so that you do not need to go from A to B and then to C in order to get results. Whether it be property valuation, photography, legal services, tax declaration, notary services, repairs and maintenance, property management….(the list goes on), you will get it all from us.

Comprehensive marketing

Marketing is about the Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Process & People.

Product: Whilst the real estate is yours, if you decide to sell or let it, we will ensure that it meets the requirements of the market and it’s true value is communicated to clients.

Price: We provide accurate and reliable valuation so as to maximise the property’s value whilst at the same time meeting market demand. We take into account not only general market conditions, but also local amenities including schools, shops, transport links and recreational services.

Promotion: The way that the Product is communicated to the market is essential in ensuring its realisation. This is why we take great pride and care when it comes to photography, video, property description and providing additional valuable information for clients. Furthermore, we have taken the idea of property searching beyond the ordinary. Clients can search for their dream based on design of individual rooms!

Place: Internet is a vast ocean and we know how to maximise its potential. In addition to our website, we work with many real estate portals so as to maximise market reach (such as, All our properties are promoted in Slovenia, Russia and pan Europe. In addition, we ensure maximum exposure through e-mail & SMS alerts to our subscribed clients ensuring direct marketing of properties.

Process: The process of buying or renting real estate can be stressful and time consuming. We have done all that is possible to reduce the burden, from late evening viewings, online viewing timetables (so that you can plan your day in advance) and open house viewing days. In addition, we provide a one-stop solution for our clients.

People: The quality of assistance and the manner in which we provide it are core concerns in our business model.