FAQ’s to buying a property

How can I search for properties?

There are 2 ways you can go about searching for your ideal property:

  • You can use our super friendly and innovative website and search our database of properties. Once you have chosen which properties you would like to view, please contact a Premier agent and we will arrange a viewing time that suits you.
  • If you prefer a more personal approach, Premier agents are always happy to assist you. We provide what is known as a “Premier VIP Service”. This means that we take the workload off you with regards to property searching. All you have to do is tell us what your preferences are and we will find properties that meet your requirements. All you have to do is choose from a shortlist of properties those, which you would like to view.

In the event that our database does not have a suitable property, we will search the entire Slovenian market to find your ideal property.

How much will it cost me to buy a property?

Agreed purchase price + Land Registry costs for registering change of ownership + Agent's commission of 2% + DDV of the purchase price.

Do I have to pay tax when buying my property?

As a general rule, there are no tax liabilities when buying real estate. However, there are exceptions:

  • If you are buying a new property (or in use for less than 2 years) DDV is added to the purchase price.
  • If you are buying commercial real estate and the seller is a DDV registered business, DDV may be added to the purchase price.

Our professional advisors are happy to provide bespoke tax advice on individual properties.

How are viewings conducted?

Once you have chosen the properties that suit you, please contact one of our professional agents to arrange a viewing. Let us know which days and times suit you and we will arrange a suitable viewing timetable. Thanks to our longer working hours, Premier agents are able to show properties from 9am to 8pm on weekdays and 11am to 5pm on Saturdays.

If you have limited transport means, we will be happy to arrange pick-up, viewings and drop-off in one of our branded motor vehicles.

What happens after my offer has been accepted?

Please read our Guide to buying your property for more information.